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User roles

Rights: Editor in Chief, Administrator, Editorial secretary, Editor, Webmaster, Guest editor, Copy editor, Reviewer, Author, Member

There are ten roles in Episciences, each with rights associated with features.

The roles associated with the profile are displayed in the top right-hand corner when you hover the mouse over your username and in the Dashboard section.

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Please note: the semantics of roles in Episciences is not necessarily adapted to the organisation of each journal. Thus, a user can have several roles in a journal, to be assigned according to the functionalities he/she has to use.

The roles with the most rights are indicated by an asterisk.

  • Member: default role assigned to anyone who creates an account on the journal’s website.
  • Author: can submit an article.
  • Editor: can assign an article to a section or volume, assign reviewers, make suggestions (accept or reject an article). His/her rights depend on the journal’s settings.
  • Editor-in-chief*: has all rights to the journal. He/she manages users and assigns roles to them. He/she manages the reviewers and the articles. He/she can also configure or modify the journal’s website.
  • Guest editor: has the same rights as the editor but only on a section or volume.
  • Proofreader: allows the proofreader to review the article for which he/she has been asked and to enter an evaluation. Depending on the journal’s settings, this role allows communication with the author.
  • Copy editor: manages the copy editing process, alone or in conjunction with the author, to produce a final version for publication in the journal.
  • Editorial secretary*: makes an initial selection of the articles submitted. He/she can refuse an article (if it does not correspond to the journal’s editorial line, for example) but cannot accept it automatically. He/she can manage users (creation of accounts).
  • Webmaster: responsible for the journal’s website. This includes setting up the general configuration of the site and access to the style sheet.
  • Administrator*: has all the rights to the journal, including setting the site parameters.

The functionalities linked to each role are summarised in a table, accessible in connected mode: My Account > Permissions

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