The roles in Episciences defines different roles with specific levels of rights.

Member : any person creating an account on a journal website hosted by Episciences is automatically a “member”. No specific rights.

Reviewer : member who has a peer-reviewing role, whose goal is to give a recommendation to the editorial board in terms of acceptance / rejection. He/she can communicate with the author of the paper (anonymously or not, depending on the journal settings).

Chief editor : administrator of the whole journal who possesses all related rights. He/she can manage users, reviewers and articles. He/she also has the same rights on the website as the webmaster.

Editor : his/her privileges depend on the configuration of the journal. He/she is a support for the chief editor.

Copy editor :  handles the copy-editing workflow

Editorial secretary : his/her main task is to make a first check of submitted articles. The editorial secretary can therefore refuse an article (if it doesn’t match basic criteria for example) but can’t accept it. He/she can manage users.

Webmaster : the person responsible for maintaining the website. His/her duties may include designing the website, generating and revising the pages and more generally maintaining the site.

The roles associated with the profile are displayed at the top of the screen and in the dashboard :