Copy editing: option 2 – copy editing by the author

Use this solution to assign the copy editing work to the author.

Start with selecting “Ask the author for final version

A popup window will open, you will be able to customize the email message to be sent to the author.

The message template may be prepared and customized by the journal to include everything the author would need to handle the copy editing by themselves.

The journal should create a ZIP file archive with everything needed by the author (logo, style sheets, rules,etc.)

It must be named like this : and must be uploaded:

Journal management > Web site > Resources

Here is an example of a message ready to be sent to the author:


However if you don’t need the zip file feature you can safely ignore it and remove the tag on the customized email template.


Upon receiving the email the author can proceed to the copy editing and then upload the files on the journal. Here is the author procedure: Copy editing by the author: upload of the formatted version

When the author has uploaded the files an email notification will be sent to the copy editor. You may then proceed to accept the copy editing work, or request another version in case of problems.

Accepting as final version

If the copy editing suits the journal standard you have to validate this step with the button “Accept as final version”:


Accepting will trigger a message to the author so that they submit the accepted version to the open repository.

This message will include a link that the author should follow to submit the latest version to the journal. This will be the version published by the journal

The copy editing step ends here.