Copy editing – option 1: copy editing by the journal

Select “Ask the author for sources

A popup window will allow you to customize the message to be sent to the author. After the message has been sent the author will be able to upload their file sources on the journal website.

Here is the help for the author to complete this step :

Copy editing by the author: upload of the formatted version

After the source have been uploaded, you may request other files from the author in case of problems. You should then use the feature contact by email on the contributor panel.

If everything is correct you can download the files, proceed to the copy editing work, then validate the workflow withe the button

“Formatting review is complete, ask the final version”:

You will then be able to send a message to the author in a new popup window. You have to attach the files for the author so that he is able to submit the latest version on a an open repository.

The message will include a link to submit the latest version on the journal site. The author should use this link to submit the latest version to be published by the journal.

The copy editing workflow ends at this step.